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I am finishing Miss Annabelle’s Secrets

Mr. Hamilton,

I am finishing Miss Annabelle’s Secrets and my mind is racing as to getting my hands on her secrets to teach my 8 grandchildren and may daycare children I have had to sit back and really work on calming myself and quieting myself so I can even begin to pull any thoughts together. The biggest thing that has happened at this time for me is that I now have hope for my children, grandchildren and the little ones I continue to have in my daycare.

A few years ago I was so discouraged at what I was seeing that I almost closed my day care, it was just to heart-wrenching I didn’t know how to teach these little ones. Well, I started taking some early childhood classes and psychology classes hopping with all that was in me to learn how to give these little ones the coping skills they need to be able to become productive in society, many of my children are low income, well still in a panic not only for this generation but also for my three sons I ordered you Neothink books. I am finding hope and now find myself so excited to learn how to teach children again but I can’t seem to read fast enough let alone process the info. fast enough to pass it on to the children and my sons seem to really be struggling with hope for the future.

I do realize I have always broke my projects and days down into mini days but never put a name to it, this is just how I’ve always done it and I am assuming that I learned this as a child. I’m sure as time goes on I will have great testimonies to share and I am looking forward to sharing them, but at this time I am in a great position to help these little ones as my daycare is for newborn to 3-4 yr olds so any suggestions or material that you would have or could direct me to would be so greatly appreciated.

I do have to say that I have taken notice for the first time as to what is going on around and find it very hard to imagine that society is going to just sit back and let the Government push us around and take everything away from us Americans are becoming angry and the hardest part is to see up in our small towns of Houghton and Hancock how many of our young ones have given up and are just drinking and drugging themselves through each day, they have no hope. You have to keep pushing forward with Neothink or our next generations will be the ones not to grow old, but it won’t be because of not aging it will be because they gave up and quit. I don’t mean to sound negative as this is not my way of thinking but it is getting closer and closer to my door step and as I said I am becoming very anxious as to find a way to help these young ones.

I am going to close as I feel I am gong to start rambling but as I think on this I will take notes. Thank- You for what you are doing and our society is counting on you.

brenda p